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Rugby 101

The best way to learn rugby is to play ... the second best way is to watch!

Many of us rugby "veterans" still learn more about this game even after years of experience, so at Orca, no one is alienated just because they're new - we keep up the rugby tradition of welcoming all!

We believe the best way to learn rugby is to participate - if you're of playing age (8 years old through high school), lace up your boots and run around with us, and if you're a parent, bring the family down to a practice or game and don't hesitate to ask us your questions!

Bottom line, come see it for yourself! But since we're not always out on the pitch, here are a few links that will help you get a basic understanding...and if you just got confused by the word 'pitch', definitely check these resources out! :)

safety resources

Southern California Youth Rugby's (SCYR) Parent Page

Perfect resource for parents new to rugby!

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll teaches rugby tackling

With the growing awareness of head injuries in the NFL (case in point, new release of "Concussion" starring Will Smith), Pete Carroll was on the right track when he took the initiative to adopt rugby tackling into football. The Seahawks have since reduced their missed tackles, and, most importantly, reduced their head injuries.

Seahawks Tackling Video 2015

A link similar to the above, with article attached.

how to play

How to Play Rugby Union - The Basics

Another overview with great animation to show the basics of rugby

Rugby 101

A basic overview of the laws of rugby

What rugby at this level really looks like!

Deep into the archives, back when we were Channel Islands Youth Rugby...Orca's 2009 U18 Girls' team! Might catch some heat from our alumni, but so worth it!

ESPN - Front Rowe: Rugby tackling in football

It's not a "trend," because trends fade. This is what rugby culture is about - sharing knowledge & experience to help others improve (yes, even footballers)!

In the Mainstream

David Beckham: I prefer rugby to football

...this may be just an excuse to look at David Beckham.

Sold-Out Chicago Match Marks Rugby's Rising Popularity

So wait, it's the fastest growing YOUTH sport too?!

USA Rugby Youth Promo

A quick look into the basics of rugby and its variations at the youth level, along with great reasons to give rugby a try!

Orca Flyer

Contact us to get copies!

Rookie Rugby

Rugby is a sport for all ages. Check out this website for the wee ones.